Professional Services for Health Insurance Wilmington, NC and Residents Nationwide Count On

The concept of insurance is confusing for most people. A properly licensed and trained health insurance expert can assist you in making long-term, financially sensible choices. One of our advisor’s jobs is to help you to understand your options and to obtain the most suitable benefits that meet your needs.

They Provide:

- Knowledge Of The Insurance Industry On A Deep Level

As professional health insurance advisors, we have extensive education, training, and knowledge of the industry and products offered.  An experienced professional will have the answers to any questions you may have.

- Knowledge Of The Policies​

The agents at The Health Insurance Advisors have a comprehensive understanding of all the various plans. We fully comprehend all the features, inclusions, exclusions, and other specifics. Furthermore, we can quickly determine whether or not a given product will benefit a specific customer based on their health conditions. Overall, having access to an expert in health insurance Wilmington, NC and residents nationwide can count on can help you relax. You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands when you need support.

- Help In The Policy Purchase

Every health insurance business has its procedure for purchasing health insurance plans. While many health insurance firms sell policies over the counter, others sell them online. A knowledgeable health insurance advisor who understands the policy purchase procedure can help you avoid making a mistake in this area. Apart from assisting you in selecting the most appropriate health insurance plan, like group health insurance in North Carolina or another state, we also offer assistance in obtaining the most excellent support, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with the internet platform and how it operates.

- Quick And Decisive Action

An advisor will conduct all necessary research on your behalf and present you with multiple options for your review. And when ready, we’ll also walk you through the process of selecting and enrolling in a health plan step by step. You’ll finish faster, feel less worried, and have better outcomes in the end!

Types of Health Insurance Plans to Consider

Individual & Family Insurance Plans

An individual health plan is one that you purchase on your own and is not through an employer.
Individual plans are an excellent solution for any individual, family, self-employed or small business who is responsible for purchasing their own coverage.
Depending on certain factors, there may be dozens of affordable options available from private insurance carriers as well as from the Market Place Exchange. We will discuss all options for health insurance in Wilmington, NC as well as nationwide with you!

Supplemental Insurance Plans

Supplemental insurance is used to enhance medical coverage offered by individual medical insurance programs. 

  • Virtual Telemedicine –  MDLIVE offers reliable 24/7 health care by phone or video. Access board-certified doctors anytime, anywhere, including weekends, nights, and holidays.
  • Excess Accident Medical – provides benefits to cover minor expenses for covered injuries. Also will offset all or a portion of your primary coverage maximum out-of-pocket exposure.
  • Dental and Vision – will help defray the cost of routine covered services.
  • Critical Illness –  provides lump sum benefit payments to the insured to help offset any out-of-pocket healthcare expenses or other household expenses if a covered critical health incident occurs in the future. Additionally, even if a covered critical health incident does not occur, 100% of the Plan’s benefit amount is paid to the named beneficiary upon the insured’s death. This unique and valuable Critical Illness coverage is achieved by combining the Plan’s 5-year renewable term life benefit payable to the named beneficiary with a stated percentage of the Plan’s life benefit paid in a lump sum to the insured for covered critical illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. The life benefit is reduced by the amount of lump sum benefits paid.
  • Life Insurance – If you ask us, life insurance shouldn’t be complicated. You should be able to invest in life insurance with confidence, knowing that your loved ones will be financially secure even after you’ve passed. You shouldn’t have to worry about the monthly costs and what may be hiding in the fine print of your policy. And you certainly shouldn’t have to wonder if your dependents will have enough coverage in the years to come. We offer customizable life insurance policies. We’ll help you personalize your life insurance policy so you can feel better about your family’s financial future. 

Health Insurance Is a Necessity, Not an Option

Protects Your Finances

Choosing the best health insurance plan is an excellent approach to safeguarding your financial well-being. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll face penalties under the Affordable Care Act, as well as some scary odds: unexpected, unpaid medical bills account for half of all bankruptcies. You can enroll in health insurance through the health insurance marketplace, or you can check into other possibilities like your employer’s healthcare plan.

Get The Greatest Medical Care Possible

Due to a lack of cash, you may choose a less expensive medical therapy rather than the finest of the bunch. Having a solid medical insurance policy helps ensure you get the best treatment for even the most challenging health problems.

Preventive Care

Those who have health insurance are far more likely to use it for annual check-ups and other diagnostic procedures, which can detect major medical disorders early on while still treatable. People who have health insurance are shown to be psychologically and physically healthier, according to recent studies.

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Active Lifestyle Necessitates Health Insurance

Our way of life has changed dramatically during the last several decades. Frequent travel, hectic job schedules, poor eating habits, and rising pollution levels in major cities have put us at risk for new health problems. As a result, health insurance plans have become an unavoidable element of our lives.

Today, we live in a fast-paced world where many of us are unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to our busy schedules. It’s causing a slew of health problems that necessitate a lot of medical attention. Due to work stress and an unhealthy lifestyle, a large number of people develop heart disease and diabetes at a young age. 

In addition, infectious infections, respiratory problems, and delivery difficulties are also common. The country’s need for health insurance has risen dramatically as people’s health has deteriorated. The health insurance sector is enormous. You can streamline your trip from purchasing group health insurance in North Carolina or another state to filing a claim and much more with the help of a skilled health insurance expert such as Health Insurance Advisors.

Let us help you customize your health coverage today.